Beyond the Bubble

Do you dare go out there?


We filmed BEYOND THE BUBBLE at seven unique locations over three days in November 2016. We had an amazing time and that’s due to our talented cast and crew who were a joy to work with every day.



Alice Ansafra is known for her work on La Spagnola, Bogan Pride and Legally Brown. In Beyond the Bubble she plays the character of Denise. Denise works in the marketing department of a multinational food company so she knows how to take charge and deal with things.  An old soul, she can come across as a bit bossy but knows that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.



Jared Jekyll is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer. He plays the role of Josh, a writer/blogger/social media content creator. Josh is gay and hasn't been lucky in love because he comes across as a bit needy which puts potential partners off. He works freelance so spends a lot of time working from home which suits the girls fine as he can collect the various online shopping deliveries that are always turning up.



Michelle Lim Davidson is known for her work on Utopia and Goldstone and plays the role of Sarah. Sarah is cool on the surface but a wreck underneath. She looks flawless but after meeting her it doesn’t take long to realise she’s insecure - about everything. She works in admin for a large fashion label and loves her job as she gets to wear the latest fashions either free or half price. She looks to Denise to help guide her through life’s challenges.



Maxi Shield is a celebrity drag queen on the Sydney scene and plays our notorious Drag Queen. Always seen in the right places, and sometimes the wrong ones, she’s tough and upfront and won’t take no for an answer. Her family live outside of Sydney, which is just as well as they wouldn't recognize her if they saw her in the street. This Drag Queen knows how to get what she wants, especially if it’s a man.



Evan Thornton is a comedian and actor and plays our sleazy Real Estate Agent. He’s a nice real estate agent actually, a rarity. At 27, he’s the eldest in a large, close family, which probably explains his warm and engaging personality. Born and raised in the western suburbs, he tries very hard not to treat people fairly. He does have a weak spot though - women, and one day this is going to get him into trouble. 




Nelofar Nawabi     Luis Delgardo     Daniel Martinez     Felipe Spall Chaxim     Makayla Zhang     Gus Stretton     Ezra Masangkay     Alana Avallone     Sean Berry      Aleksander Bosevski     Natasha Cheng     Zehra Elgundi     Corey Haggart     Taylor Kelly     Isabella Maladina     Laurynas Margis     Anna Philpott      Fiorella Shimabuko      Alexander Toohey     Michael Tran     Nina Vogel Ghibley     Natacha Willham