Beyond the Bubble

Do you dare go out there?

BEYOND THE BUBBLE is a short film starring Michelle Lim Davidson, Jared Jekyll, Alice Ansara, Maxi Shield and Evan Thornton. Directed by Anna Hildebrandt with a screenplay by Cec Parnell, the film follows the desperate attempts of three friends - Sarah, Josh and Denise - as they try to secure new accommodation after finding themselves priced out of Sydney’s inner-city living. As they contemplate life outside their bubble with all the lifestyle options they enjoy, they consider the unthinkable…moving to the suburbs. 

The idea for the film was born from the constant media bashing and endless dinner party conversations focused on property prices, ever-increasing rents, the “housing bubble”, the Baby-Boomer ambush on Millennials’ opportunities for wealth and abundance, and the non-exclusive FOMO of anyone who has ever lived in the inner city…all compounded with a healthy dose of FOMTTS (Fear of Moving to the Suburbs).

The bubbles flowed freely when the film had its world premiere at the prestigious Sydney Film Festival in June 2017. Since then, Beyond the Bubble has screened at several festivals internationally including:

Short+Sweet Film Festival, Australia (Awarded ‘Best Film’)

Short+Sweet International Gala Finals, Los Angeles (Awarded ‘Best Writer/Screenplay’ - Cec Parnell)

Sydney Indie Film Festival, Australia (Awarded 'Best Made in Sydney, Extra Mile')

Deep Cut Film Festival, Canada (Awarded ‘Best Debut Film’)

Best Shorts Competition, International (received Award of Merit in 2 categories - Film Short & Women Filmmakers) 

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival, Japan (Top-10 Finalist)

Sydney Travelling Film Festival, Cairns, Australia

Fingal Film & Arts Festival, Ireland

World of Dark Comedy Film Festival, (touring) Australia